Jesudian Silvester, who is pastoring the church, ‘The Father’s House’, is an Engineer who yielded to God’s call at a very young age. He helps people to see God as father. With scriptural evidences and with amazing insight and revelation, he preaches with stunning conviction. He strongly believes in the ‘thy kingdom come…let they will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ statements made by Jesus Christ, in His model prayer and insists that the present –day churches should work towards the fulfilment of that heavenly desire. Boldness is his providential forte. With God’s favour, he is able to impact thousands of minds inside and outside the country.

Lovina Jesudian, his wife, “proverbs:31” woman, born to a missionary couple is a pillar of support to Jesudian. Her humility, compassion and simplicity have led her to counsel and bring God’s healing to many people. Jesudian and Lovina are blessed with two children.

Our Team


David Sushilraj is an Engineer in the media industry listened to God’s call stepped into ministry. He takes care of The Father’s House, Coimbatore. David is a vibrant preacher who works steadily and hopefully towards achieving the goal of instilling faith in the hearts of the people. His wife is Anila and they are blessed with the son.

David Sushilraj


Mark Barnabas who did his B.Th in Chennai is a people oriented young preacher. He is assisting Jesudian with all sincerity in the endeavor of pursing the goal. Humbleness is his communicative skill. He married Priscilla and was engaged in missionary work in Kenya for about five years before coming to The Father’s house. They are blessed with two boys. They believe in building families.

Mark Barnabas

Media Team

The media team is a supportive pillar to the Father’s House. Everyone in the team is complimentary to each other and with their uncanny knack and diligence, they take forward the message to the world in a effective manner.


The church is blessed with an enthusiastic and spirit-filled worship team, whowith their inspiring singing talents and musical gifts could easily take the congregation into the realms where angels glorify god.